School Services

 Ian Forsyth Elementary School


Breakfast Program

Our school is fortunate to be able to provide a nutritious breakfast to registered students on a daily basis beginning at 8:00 until 8:20.  This program is made possible through the volunteer support of numerous community agencies and is generously supported by the East Dartmouth Boys and Girls Club.  A registration form is available form the main office.
We are fortunate to have a guidance counsellor, school psychologist and social worker working to support our students and their families. You may access counselling support by contacting your child's teacher, the counsellor, the principal or vice-principal.
Resource and Learning Center
Resource and Learning Center support at Ian Forsyth is aimed at meeting the diverse needs of students. In consultation with classroom teachers, parents and caregivers, and outside agencies, resource and learning center teachers support students with learning needs by providing remedial instruction, working with teachers to adapt classroom instruction, and helping parents and caregivers with home support programs. They also provide support to Educational Program Assistants who work with children with special needs.
Speech and Language Services
Our students experiencing speech and language difficulties have access to one of the school board's speech-language pathologists. Referrals are processed through the School Planning Team.  Parents and caregivers frequently identify speech-language concerns which they bring to the attention of their child's teacher.
English as an Additional Language
Our school is fortunate to have a culturally diverse population. As a result we have a number of students whose home language is other than English. Instruction in English as an Additional Language (EAL) is provided to those students who require English language support.
Our school library serves as an important supplement to instructional programs. Our library assistant supports children with the organization and use of a library, and provides staff with resource materials.  In the foyer of our school, visitors will find books and magazines displayed which they are most welcome to read while they wait. Should you wish to search our school library for a particular book you may access the following link:
Extra-Curricular Activities
Ian Forsyth School offers an extensive extra-curricular program for students. Activities include basketball, floor hockey, volleyball, choir, strings, Peer Mediators, Playground Activity Leaders in the School (P.A.L.S.) and others.