Health and Safety

Ian Forsyth Elementary School

School Closures
The school board will cancel school when road conditions/weather conditions or the facility or conditions in it are considered to be a threat to the safety or health of the students. See the board policy for more details.  There will be some days when the schools remain open, but school buses are cancelled. On these days it is the parents' decision if their children should attend school. Occasionally, schools are shut down mid-day and we will proceed with our emergency closure plan.

Schools may be closed by geographic region as follows:

  • The entire Halifax Regional School Board

  • Select schools identified by their associated high school, known as Families of Schools or feeder schools. Ian Forsyth is located in the Prince Andrew High School Family of Schools.

On stormy days, decisions about school closures and/or bus cancellations are posted on the board’s website at , on Twitter at, recorded on 464-INFO (4636) and communicated to all local radio stations. You can also choose to receive notice of school and bus cancellations via e-mail or text message by following the link on the front page (left side) of the HRSB website.  


Life Threatening Allergies
As with most schools, we have a number of children who have life threatening allergies, in particular to nuts and nut products, so we ask that parents cooperate by insuring that their children do not bring nut products to school for recess or lunch. We really appreciate the understanding and cooperation of all families as we continue our efforts as a nut smart school.
About Scents
There are several students and staff in our building who are extremely sensitive to scented products (for example, perfumes, colognes, etc.) and chemical sprays. When these scents are present in our school, these individuals become ill and their health is threatened.
When visiting, volunteering, or working in our school, we ask that you not wear scented products.
Safe Arrival
As an additional safeguard for our students, we ask parents and caregivers to contact the school in the event students will be absent or late for school.  Please leave a message on our 24 hour message machine dedicated to Safe Arrival (902-435-8333). If you do not alert us, it will be necessary for us to contact you. Don’t forget to update the office with any changes to your phone numbers throughout the year.
We are always very concerned about the safety of our students and have several important requests regarding vehicular traffic.  At arrival and dismissal times the street in front of the school can become congested with traffic which can pose a risk to student safety and has the potential to prevent the passage of any emergency vehicles. Please respect the designated parking areas and observe the no parking and bus stop signs posted on Glencoe Drive. In addition, at no time are vehicles permitted to drive onto the school grounds. Only staff vehicles are permitted to access or park on the school grounds. Please respect the pylons positioned in the driveway to restrict traffic on the school grounds.  Encourage your children to use the sidewalk, crosswalk and caution them about walking between parked cars. 
Our students are also protected by HRM Cross Walk Guards throughout the neighbourhood. Please note the following places and times:
   Montebello Drive/Venice Court





Caledonia Road/Dunbarton





Supervision/Early Entrance
The staff of Ian Forsyth has the best interests of your child at heart. We want your children to be safe, happy and enjoy their educational experiences. For these reasons we want to bring the following matters to your attention, and request your cooperation. Walking students are not supervised on the playground prior to 8:30 AM; therefore, it is requested that students not come to school too early.  In addition, supervision is not provided after the children are dismissed at 2:05 or 2:35 and your children are asked to walk to their home or to after school childcare immediately in a safe manner.
Bikes, Rollerblades & Scooters

Bicycles, rollerblades and scooters are fun to take to school, but they do pose a safety hazard if they are not used properly. Helmets should be worn at all times. To ensure the safety of all students walking in the school yard, students are not permitted to use these modes of transportation once they enter the school grounds. Bikes must be walked to the racks and locked and scooters must be folded and locked or carried into the school if a storage arrangement has been made with individual student's teacher.

Head Lice

Each year, head lice can be a nuisance for many of our students and their families. The best prevention in the spread of head lice and nit is by teaching your child not to share personal items such as combs, brushes, hats and helmets, to store their belongings such as hats and scarves in their backpacks while at school, and by making a ‘head check’ part of your weekly routine.  We cannot stress enough the importance of promptly notifying the school if your child contracts head lice; effective communication between home and school significantly helps to reduce the spread.

For further information on the prevention and treatment of head lice, please refer to the Nova Scotia Department of Health pamphlet:  How to Prevent, Find, and Treat Head Lice

We also do not want your children to be victims of theft in the school, so we ask that they keep valuables such as MP3 players, cameras, tablets and other electronic valuables at home unless students are bringing them to school for educational purposes.
The office telephones are use by office staff only. In cases of emergency, illness, or extenuating circumstances, students are able to call home. We encourage students to come to school prepared with all necessary belongings and to make after-school arrangements in advance.
School Visitors and Volunteers

Our school benefits greatly from the support of parents and the community.  We encourage you to become an active participant in your child’s education at school whenever possible.  We would appreciate any time you are able to contribute to being a class parent, re-shelving library books, the breakfast program, safe arrival, chaperoning class trips or simply reading to a child.  Please let us know if you are able to volunteer. 

In the interest of student safety we request all parents, visitors and volunteers stop by the office to sign in and pick up a visitor ID tag when arriving at our school.

The HRSB Student Protection Policy specifies that prior to volunteering at any HRSB school you must provide school administration with two recently completed documents:  Child Abuse Registry check and certified true Criminal Record check. Both of these checks will remain on file with the school and must be updated every three years. It is responsibility of any volunteer, after completing the screening process, to contact the school principal should they be subject to an investigation or conviction under the Criminal Code of Canada. 

Information and Child Abuse Registry forms are available form the Dept. of Community Services at:

For information on completing the criminal record check process through the Halifax Regional Police can found at There will be a $30.00 processing charge for volunteers.  We greatly value your support; however the school does not have the funds to assist volunteers in completing this check. It is highly recommended you submit the forms to the local police and NS Department of Community Services well in advance of volunteering, as it can take several weeks to have both checks completed. Detailed information on completing these checks can also be obtained from the main office.